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Commercial Ground Source Heat Pumps Yorkshire

Ground source heat pumps work by extracting heat from below the ground & turning that into usable heat.
You might think that in Yorkshire the ground would be cold, but beneath the surface, at about 1 to 2 metres down, the ground heat stays fairly constant. In the U.K. it averages between 9 and 12 degrees centigrade and in Yorkshire the ground temperature is between 9 and 10 degrees. This makes it an ideal location for a ground source heat pump. The ground temperature of the earth stays constant all year round so once installed a ground source heat pump can be used all year - even in the depths of winter!
Ground source heat pumps have many advantages:

  • Savings on your heating bills
  • high efficiencies of upto 450%
  • using bore holes cuts down on ground required
  • Environmentally friendly
  • reduce carbon footprint
  • weather compensation controls
  • No Gas or Oil supply required
  • Ease of use
  • very low maintenance
  • very quiet operation 
  • only 5% VAT instead of 20%

There are two types of ground pipework which can be installed to feed a ground source heat pump. The first and by far the cheapest to install is a horizontal loop buried about 1 to 2 metres down. This type of loop needs space so is only appropriate for houses with plenty of outdoor space. The second type of loop is a vertical loop which would entail making a deep bore hole to accommodate the loop. This type of installation tends to be more expensive but can be a solution for houses with small gardens. For both types of installation the area needs to be accessible to machinery. 

The length of loop required for a ground source heat pump depends upon the size of the building being heated. The longer the loop, the more heat can be extracted. Think Energy (Yorkshire) Ltd take care of the full design from start to finish ensuring that the ground loops or bore holes are sized to your specific requirements. The beauty of a commercial ground source heat pump is that once installed it will need very little maintenance.

A commercial ground source heat pump can save you up to 75% on your heating bills if you are replacing standard electricity, LPG, Oil. As always, the largest savings will be seen by people who are replacing old, inefficient systems. 

Commercial Ground Source heat pumps are becoming more & more popular with the introduction in April 2014 of the Commercial RHI (renewable heat incentive). The commercial RHI offers consumers a huge financial incentive to install energy efficient renewable technology and ultimately carbon reducing appliances. The way the scheme works is very simple. Click here for more details on the Commercial RHI. 

Think Energy (Yorkshire) Ltd's Ground source heat pump installations work with various types of heating systems including:

  • radiators
  • under floor heating
  • LST's (Low surface temperature radiators
  • Fan coil radiators


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