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Commercial PV Solar Panels Yorkshire

The constant rise in energy costs is a worry for us all. So why install Solar Panels? 

Solar power is the smart choice for your energy needs and they offer amazing returns on investment along with energy & CO2 savings. The recent advances in solar power technology have made commercial solar power an affordable and realistic option for commercial consumers. with photovoltaic solar panels from Think Energy (yorkshire) Ltd they even more efficient and affordable than ever.

There are many reasons why solar power is a smart choice;

  • Lower fuel costs
  • Continuity of supply
  • Environmentally friendly

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The government is currently encouraging people to switch to renewable sources of energy such as solar power through its Feed in Tariff scheme (FIT). Through this scheme commecial solar power producers can receive money back from the amount of electricity you generate and any surplus energy which is sent back to the National Grid. There are currently no grants available for the installation of solar panels but the cost of installing commercial solar panels has reduced dramatically in the last 2 years. 

To help with installation costs Think Energy (Yorkshire) Ltd can access finance options for you which include:

  • Barclays home improvement loans
  • secured/unsecured loans
  • The Green Deal Finance initiative

Commecial solar power can also give you a return on your initial investment through the FIT scheme coupled with free electricity. Think Energy (Yorkshire) Ltd are an MCS ( Microgeneration Certification Scheme) registered company which means you can be assured that we have the expertise and experiance to install your system using all the latest techniques and modern equipment. 

In order to see what you could be saving visit the Solar Energy Calculator .

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