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Commercial Solar Water Heating Yorkshire

Think Energy (Yorkshire) Ltd's solar water heating panels use the suns free energy to heat fluid within the panels to supply heat for use in commercial hot water systems. 

There are several different manufacturers of solar thermal panels, but two main types:

  • flat plate solar water collectors
  • Evacuated tube collectors

Depending on where you work would depend on the type of panel that is best for you. At Think Energy (Yorkshire) Ltd we have the expertise to give you the right information so that the correct choice can be made. We also have a huge range of hot water cylinders to choose from with one to suite every commercial property. 

Solar Thermal panels from Think Energy (yorkshire) Ltd all qualify for RHI (renewable heat incentive). This means that not only will you get free hot water from the suns free energy you will also receive a payment quarterly based on your hot water demand and Think Energy (Yorkshire) Ltd's MCS calculations. See our RHI section for more information


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