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District Heating Yorkshire

Why should you go for District Heating?

As part of the its policy to cut current UK carbon emissions the government is looking at ways of maximising energy use. One idea that is receiving a great deal of attention is the use of 'Heat Networks' or 'District Heating' schemes to supply heat from a central power source to homes and businesses through a network of pipes carrying hot water or steam.

As a company Th!nk Energy has been at the forefront of providing renewable energy in the Yorkshire area and is ready to take up the challenge of helping to set up District Heating Schemes throughout Yorkshire.

Currently, 'Heat Networks' provide less than 2% of the UK 's heat demand. The government department in charge of energy supplies - The Department of Energy and Climate Change or DECC - has stated that this figure could feasibly be 14%. It is currently encouraging LEA's to consider applying for funds to establish 'Heat Networks' whether it be through commercial lenders or the Green Investment Bank.

Yorkshire is  an ideal area to establish ' Heat Networks ' as there are many big conurbations which would be perfect areas for these schemes. Indeed, the government has stated that 50% of heat demand in the UK is concentrated in areas with a large enough density of energy users to make such schemes viable.

The advantages of 'Heat Networks' are many and varied. It is far more efficient to have large plants producing heat than many smaller plants. Customers subscribing to 'Heat Networks' can have the advantage of reduced heating costs coupled with little or no maintenance costs. The economy of scale can be passed direct to the customer.

Another big advantage is that 'Heating Networks' can use a variety of power sources from conventional power stations to energy from waste, fuel cells, heat pumps, biomass boilers, geothermal and even solar power. The fact that these schemes do not depend upon one source of energy makes the supply of power more reliable. These schemes can also benefit from being able to supply more power during the daytime for businesses and being able to switch to supplying more power for residential properties during the evenings. This flexibility allows for energy use to be maximised.

Th!nk Energy is a Yorkshire company committed to helping its customers access affordable renewable power. It has a great deal of expertise in the area of renewable energy whether it be installing solar power systems right through to wind turbines. This experience makes it the sensible choice for anyone thinking of setting up a 'Heating Network ' or ' District Heating ' scheme in the Yorkshire area.

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