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Domestic RHI - Renewable Heat Incentive

The Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) launched in April 2014 and is designed to financially incentive  homeowners to install a renewable technology.  Payments are made at different rates for different technologies and are paid quarterly over a 7 year period as you can see below

In order to claim RHI you first have to decide which renewable technology you should install. As approved and experienced installers of renewable energy systems, Think Energy (Yorkshire) Ltd can help you with this decision, making sure that the right appliance is chosen.  

The renewable technologies that are applicable to RHI are:

•    Air source heat pumps
•    Biomass
•    Ground Source Heat Pumps
•    Solar Thermal (Hot Water)

After your chosen renewable technology is installed by Think Energy (Yorkshire) Ltd we will issue you an MCS certificate and you can then apply for the RHI. In order to apply you will need a Green Deal Report (GDAR) and/or Energy Performance Certificate (EPC).  We will organise this for you too. Based on the calculated figures produced on the EPC you will be paid at the following rates based on the amount shown. 

RHI calculation explained. 

Heat Demand  Existing Dwelling  Impact of loft insulation  Impact of cavity wall insulation  Impact of solid wall insulation
Space Heating (kWh per year) 31,311 (959) N/A/ (15,228) 
Water Heating (kWh per year) 3,006      

Based on the figures on the EPC shown above the property has a heat demand of 31,311 kwhrs per year. However the loft insulation would need to be upgraded in order to qualify for RHI so the amount of 959 kwhrs per year would need to be taken off leaving 30,352 kwhrs of heat demand per year. If the chosen technology is also to heat hot water then a further 3,006 kwhrs per year needs to be added. 

Technology  RHI Rate (pence per kWhr Total Amount paid over 7 years (£)
Air Source Heat Pumps 7.3 17,045
Biomass 12.2 28,487
Ground Source Heat Pumps 18.8 43,899
Solar Thermal (hot water only)  19.2 4,040

 NB: The above is for example only. An individual Green Deal report & Energy performance Certificate will need to be completed in order to apply for RHI. 

As demonstrated above the Domestic RHI scheme is a very attractive scheme. The RHI is also indexed linked to consumer price index and tax free for domestic installations. 
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