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Flat Roof Insulations in Yorkshire

Flat roof insulation will be covered in the Governments upcoming Green Deal initiative.

The government have identified the lack of insulation as a key reason why many homes are not energy- efficient. At Th!nk Energy we have recognised the essential part insulation plays in making your home energy-efficient. We are currently working in the Yorkshire area to ensure that our customers not only benefit from the many renewable forms of energy available but also that this energy is not then wasted through inadequate insulation.

The Government's Green Deal scheme has specifically targeted insulation as an area where homes can be made much more energy- efficient through a very low initial cost. Indeed, as the government's own figures show, 25% of all heat lost from homes disappears through the roof as a consequence of inadequate insulation. This is why the Green Deal is being made available on insulation. It is estimated that insulation works for over 40 years once installed in your home and that during this time it will pay for itself over and over again. At Th!nk Energy our advisors are ready to help you to apply for the Green Deal scheme which should enable you to insulate your home with no upfront costs. Th!nk Energy is a local Yorkshire firm who will help your Green Deal assessment run smoothly. Each home has to be individually assessed to see if it qualifies for the Green Deal scheme.

There are two different ways a flat roof can be insulated. It can be insulated from the inside or the outside. If a roof is insulated from the inside there can be possible condensation issues which can be caused by a lack of ventilation between the insulation and the cold roof above. This in turn can lead to problems with the electrics. Building regulations state that a 50 mm gap is needed between the insulation and the roof above to avoid this problem. There is also outside insulation or what is known as 'warm roof' insulation. This is the better and more modern solution as the insulation goes on the outside of the roof. A further type of insulation is known as green roofs. This is when plants or soil are used as insulation. This is the greenest way to insulate a flat roof but sadly this type of insulation is not yet included in the Green Deal scheme.

Whatever type of flat roof insulation you need Th!nk Energy have the experience and expertise to help you to access the Green Deal scheme.

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