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Energy Company Obligation Eco Grant

Access an Energy Company Obligation (ECO) Grant through Th!nk Energy

The ECO scheme or the Energy Company Obligations scheme, is a scheme set up by the government to provide grants to help low- income households improve the energy efficiency of their homes. If you live in the Yorkshire area and feel that your home needs to be more energy efficient you may be entitled to a grant for any ECO work which you may need. This could take the form of a new boiler or insulation. This scheme currently runs alongside the Green Deal scheme.

The funding is not directly from the government but comes from a fund which has been set up by the big six energy companies (British Gas, EDF Energy, E.on, Npower, Scottish Power and Scottish and Southern). These big companies have been obliged by the government to put money into a fund designed to help customers who are struggling with their energy bills whether it is because they are on a low income or whether they live in a home which is older and therefore more difficult to heat.

If you live in Yorkshire and need help with the funding of any ECO work then Th!nk Energy may be able to help. Th!nk Energy are committed to helping customers access these grants and are willing to forego the cost of the assessment (currently £99) for any customer who goes on to have their ECO work done by Th!nk Energy. An assessment is necessary before any grant can be awarded.

There are different types of grants available. The affordable warmth ECO grant is aimed at low- income households with a combined income of less than £16,000. This is a means- tested benefit with higher amounts available for households with old, disabled, ill or very young members. There is also a grant available for people living in the U.K's most deprived areas. This is called the Carbon Saving Communities Obligation or CSCO. This grant will be dependent upon the area in which you live. There is also a fund available for households in rural areas. The rural CSCO scheme allows people living in areas, which may be difficult to reach, to access help for improving the carbon efficiency of their homes. This fund could help those households on low incomes who are unable to access cheaper fuels such as gas as they are off the gas grid.

Anyone can apply for a grant towards ECO work as the grants are also available for properties which may be old or where  the work required may be too costly. This type of ECO grant could be used to treat homes which have solid brick or stone construction and which are therefore very expensive to insulate. Indeed, some households have applied for an ECO grant in order to bring their homes up to the standard required to access the Green Deal scheme so that they can go on to install other energy saving technology such as solar panels, biomass boilers or even ground source heat pumps.

If you live in Yorkshire and are not a customer of one of the 'big six' energy providers then you can still apply for an ECO grant towards any ECO work you may need as the fund is available to anyone and is not just limited to the customers of the 'big six' companies.

Once you have had your Green Deal Assessment done Th!nk Energy will be able to say if you are eligible for one of the grants available under the ECO grant scheme and remember if you choose our company to carry out any ECO work then we will refund the entire cost of the assessment.

To find out more about the Eco Grant or to book an assessment please contact Th!nk Energy today.








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