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Can Solar Power be the Answer?

Three factors are currently holding back the steady march of solar power. The first problem is to discover how we can store energy produced by the sun to be used when the sun isn't shining?
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The Future for Solar Energy

In Australia more and more properties are going 'off grid' as the cost of electricity from their grid is one of the highest in the world. More and more Australians are preferring to use the ..read more

Water Shortages Predicted

It is believed that global warming will cause water shortages in parts of the world reliant on energy generation from hydro and thermo electric plants. These generators include nuclear, fossil-fuel ..read more

Renewables, Solar Power and Global Warming

The solar industry has put forward its own plan to rescue the British solar industry which will cost £1 on average bills by 2019. The solar industry is facing a crisis caused by the prop ..read more

A Happy Renewable New Year

As 2015 draws to a close the year has ended on an upbeat note for exponents of renewable energy. The UN Climate Change Conference which took place in Paris fr ..read more

Powering Our World- What Next?

Whilst the world waits with baited breath for the results of the Paris Climate Conference, scientists across the globe are already searching for viable renewable solutions to the world's energy ..read more

Government's Energy Policy Facing Criticism

The new energy efficiency scheme which was announced by the Chancellor on Wednesday has been criticised by Citizens Advice who fear that it will result in fewer homes being insulated. The chief exe ..read more

Government Energy Policy called into Question

Amber Rudd, The Secretary of State for Climate Change, has admitted that current government policies will inevitably see the UK failing to meet its renewable energy targets. Whilst it is expec ..read more

Government at Risk of Failing to meet own Carbon Reduction Targets

Ahead of the major climate change conference in Paris, the government is facing criticism from its own climate change advisor for its policy of cutting subsidies to solar and wind power projects.;< ..read more

Renewable Wave Power Gets Boost

In a much needed boost for the renewable energy sector Wave Energy Scotland  has awarded funding to eight applicants hoping to develop new ways of accessing wave power. This initiative is back ..read more

Energy Prices Could Soar

Sources within the energy industry are warning that a very cold winter could see energy prices soar. There is even the possibility of some industries having to ration energy use. The National ..read more

United Kingdom Criticised by UN

The UN's chief environmental scientist, Professor Jacquie McGlade has recently criticised the UK's move away from policies designed to encourage clean energy production. The scaling ba ..read more

Uncertain Future for Renewables?

Many of the UK's advocates of green energy are reacting with dismay to the government's recent policy changes regarding renewable energy.

Indeed, the UK have dropped out of the to ..read more

Biofuel Benefits

POET -one of the largest ethanol producers in the world - has produced a report which cites the various advantages of using biofuels above traditional carbon based fuels. POET runs biofuel pla ..read more

A Year of Living With Solar Panels

David Dean had a 3.6 KW system of Solar PV panels fitted on his house roof last year. He has since been online to share his experiences of solar power. Mr Dean's system was predicted to produce ..read more

Full Steam Ahead for Yorkshire Wind Farm

Here at Th!nk Energy in Yorkshire we are always delighted to hear news of successful developments in the sustainable energy sector so it is especially pleasing to hear that a wind farm off the York ..read more

Young People Struggling to Understand Energy Bills

Here at Th!nk Energy we are committed to helping our customers in the Yorkshire region save money on their energy bills. Energy bills are fast becoming one of the biggest outgoings for any househol ..read more

World Solar Challenge 2015

Here at Th!nk Energy in Yorkshire we are passionate about renewable energy and as such we are really excited about the fact that electric cars are being hailed as one of the ways in which we can cu ..read more

Insulation Possible For Properties with Solid Walls

It has been estimated that solid walls let through twice as much heat as cavity walling. Indeed  up to 45% of a home's warmth can be lost through solid walls which have not been insulated. ..read more

Green Energy to Create Jobs

Th!nk Energy are excited to hear that yet another report has come down firmly on the side of Green Energy. This report, jointly issued in Vienna on June18th 2015 by the United Nations Industrial De ..read more

Grants Currently Available for New Boilers

Here at Th!nk Energy here in Yorkshire we are constantly looking for ways in which we can help our customers save on their energy bills.

One way is to install a new 'A' rated cond ..read more

Another Important Boost for Renewable Energy

In an exciting new development a consortium of scientists, politicians and economists have come together to launch The Global Apollo programme. The stated aim of The Global Apollo programme is to i ..read more

Landmark Announcement from Green Deal Finance

The Green Deal Finance Company (GDFC), the not-for-profit organisation established by the government to administer its Green Deal measures, has announced a massi ..read more

Cost of Energy Still Rising

Most recent statistics for 2014 are showing that UK fuel bills have risen despite UK households using 14% less energy over the same period. It has been estimated t ..read more

UK has Least Energy Efficient Homes

A recent report by "Which?"-the consumer watchdog- has highlighted the fact that the UK has the least energy efficient homes in Europe.

Despite various government initiatives mo ..read more

Rules on Green Tariffs Tightened

Electricity customers who decided to opt for a Green Tariff may be dismayed to learn that the electricity they have been using may not have been as 'green' as they might have imagined.

..read more

Bright Future Predicted for Bio- Energy

Bio energy is energy produced from natural materials such as straw, manure, sugarcane and wood.

In a recent report published by the Energy Technology Institute (ETI) bio energy has been h ..read more

Big Six Energy Companies Criticised

Greg Barker, the former Climate Change Minister, has accused the ' big six' energy companies for failing to fully support the government's flagship Green Deal scheme. Speaking recently ..read more

Green Deal Reputation Sullied by Rogue Traders

A recent article in the Telegraph has claimed that,"more than a tenth of companies implementing the government's flagship energy efficiency scheme have be ..read more

Renewable Heat Gains Momentum

It is thought that up to 22,000 homeowners have already registered renewable heating systems under the government's Domestic Renewable Heating Incentive (RHI) ..read more

Green Deal Increases in Popularity

To date over 10,000 homeowners have taken advantage of the Green Deal Loan scheme. The scheme, which was first launched in January 2013, has been slow to catch on ..read more

The Green Deal Home Improvement Fund (GDHIF) Phase 3 Fully Allocated

The third tranche of funding for the GDHIF was finally released by the government on Monday 16th March and has already been fully allocated. This fund offered gran ..read more

The Green Deal Home Improvement Fund ( GDHIF) Phase Three

The third tranche of funding for the GDHIF was finally released by the government on Monday 16th March. This fund offers grants to householders to enable them to install energy saving measures in t ..read more

Inefficient Homes Targeted

The government is concerned that far too many tenants are living in properties which rate poorly on the energy efficiency scale. In its bid to combat fuel poverty ..read more

The Green Deal Home Improvement Fund (GDHIF) - Third Release of Funds Announced

The GDHIF as finally announced its long- awaited 3rd release of funds. The fund, which has been in operation since Summer 2014, has already issued 25,000 vouchers ..read more

Green Deal Vouchers- Time Limit Extended

Any customers who applied for Green Deal vouchers during the first phase of the Green Deal Home Improvement Fund (GDHIF) will be pleas ..read more

A large increase in UK solar farms predicted

Until recently much of the renewable electricity production in the UK has come from roof -mounted solar panels. This has been as a result of the succe ..read more

Insulation crucial to saving lives

A consortium of business leaders, charities and unions have made a plea for all parties in the lead up to the General Election to pledge more money for home insula ..read more

Get in quick before tariffs are cut.

Any households thinking of installing a renewable energy system such as solar PV panels would be well advised to act now. read more

Drafty House solutions

Living in a draughty old property? Act now to access government help to improve your home's  energy efficiency!

The government has announced more money for the read more

How can you save money on your energy bills?

It is estimated that 74% of British people are worried about energy bills. It is possible that you could save up to £75 a year by following three simple steps.

1. Check your tariff< ..read more

Customers to save money and stay warm.

Alma Terrace | Case study

Here at Th!nk Energy we have recently completed the installation of a new energy efficient gas boiler for Mrs Webb of Alma Terrace. Thi ..read more

Struggling to pay your energy bills?

Th!nk Energy is a local Yorkshire company which may have the solution to your energy worries. There are 4 main options if you are thinking of making energy efficiency improvements to your home ..read more

Scotland set to lead the way on Renewable Energy

A new WWF-backed report has stated that Scotland could be fossil fuel- free by 2030. The study, which was undertaken by consultancy giant DNV-GL, was commissioned to test the viability of the Scott ..read more

A Good Year For Renewable Energy

Here at Th!nk Energy we would like to thank all our customers for their business over the past year and we wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

As we reflect on a ver ..read more

How can insulation have lower my properties heating bills?

55 Station Road | Case Study

A recent project, which saw Think Energy installing a range of energy-savings solutions to a large property in Birkenshaw, demonstrates the size and scale o ..read more

Latest GDHIF Funding update

The Government have announced that the Green Deal Home Improvement Fund (GDHIF) has reopened with additional funds and that applications for help will be accepted ..read more

Wind Turbine Benefits

Last Sunday a new record was set for the production of power by wind turbines. On that day 43% of Britain's homes were powered by wind with wind farms producing 7.315GW of energy beating the pr ..read more

GDHIF Phase 2 opens for applications today!

The Green Deal Home Improvement Fund (GDHIF) today have launched some major changes to the scheme, please find b ..read more

E.ON. Announces its Commitment to Renewable Energy

E.ON, Germany's largest utility firm, has just announced its intention to spin off its power generation sector so that it can focus on renewable energy product ..read more

ESOS (Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme)


ESOS (the Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme) is a government initiative aimed at reducing carbon dioxide emissions in the UK. This is in response to the UK's Climate Change Act ..read more

Amazon leads the way to Renewable Energy

As the world is finally waking up to the fact that Global Warming is accelerating at a frightening pace, world leaders are beginning to see the need for change. Ou ..read more

Fall in oil price danger

The IEA (International Energy Agency) has raised concerns that the recent fall in oil prices could result in governments failing to invest in alternative forms of ..read more

The Energy Bill- a missed opportunity?

As winter fast approaches the spectre of higher bills means that many businesses are actively looking to reduce their energy consumption. Indeed, research by British Gas has identified that gas usa ..read more

How can room insulation help you?

Dale Villas | Horsforth

In September 2014, Think Energy undertook an installation to a four storey domestic property in Horsforth. The works included the installation of Room in Roof in ..read more

Global Climate Deal within reach

Ahead of the coming climate summit in New York later this month many UK organisations are pushing David Cameron to lobby for international targ ..read more

Using the Green Deal Grant to transform your home

Moore Lane | Birkinshaw- Case Study

A recent Think Energy domestic project demonstrates the range of energy-saving solutions that are available through the Green Deal Home Improvement F ..read more

Think Energy explain the EU Energy Policy Shake-up

The EU have signalled a new urgency in tackling the looming problems of climate change and energy security. The new EU President- elect Jean-Claude Juncker has made two recent appointments in these ..read more

Energy Saving Research

The world is gradually waking up to the realisation that we are relying too heavily on fossil fuels for our energy. These fuels produce carbon dioxide along with other pollutants and have been iden ..read more

Internal Wall Insulation

Thackerdale Cottage - Case Study

A successfully completed project at a domestic property in Easthorpe, Malton, demonstrates the significant energy savings that can result from a Think E ..read more

UN Support for Energy Saving

The UN has firmly put its weight behind the need for energy saving to become a priority for all countries. It has recently stated that $350 billion per year could be saved worldwide simply by switc ..read more

All systems go for energy efficiency

In a recent report by the International Energy Agency (IEA) energy efficiency has been identified as one of the key ways the world can respond to the growing energ ..read more

How would you cut carbon while meeting energy demand?

Anyone doubting the need for a change in our energy use need only look at the news. We are currently being bombarded with news of global problems such as flooding or drought which are being linked ..read more

Smart Monitoring Systems to improve efficiencies in the home

A major step is being taken by the government to reduce our country's carbon footprint - the installation of smart meters in over 30 million homes and businesses across the U.K. The government ..read more

Wood Pellet Quality Schemes

Anyone looking at renewable energy options can immediately see that there are many different options available from solar power and wind turb ..read more

Think Energy: Biomass V Conventional Boilers

Anyone thinking about updating their heating/ hot water systems  should  take time to consider installing a biomass boiler. These biomass boilers are suitable for both domestic and busine ..read more

New laws would give UK energy regulators new powers to prosecute people suspected of abusing the energy market.

New laws are currently being proposed by the government to ensure that energy suppliers cannot unfairly inflate prices or use inside information to rig costs. Under the proposed new laws it would a ..read more

GDHIF grant been reduced for Solid Wall Installations!

Due to the high levels of engagement and customer demand for the Green Deal Home Improvement Fund (GDHIF); from Friday 25th July th ..read more

How to isulate your home under the government grant GDHIF

Church House- Case Study

A notable recent success involved the installation of a number of upgrades to a domestic property in East Carlton. The works involved the installation of Knauf ..read more

Room in Roof Insulation in West Yorkshire Case Study

Dove Cottage- Case Study

A recent project at Dove Cottage in Doncaster saw Think Energy installing a range of energy-saving solutions to this domestic property, including Knauf ThermoSh ..read more

How Internal Wall Insulation can improve your home

Field House Farm- Case Study 

A recent successfully completed project for Think Energy involved the completion of a series of home improvements to Field House Farm, a domestic prop ..read more

Lets recap on GDHIF & DECC.

The latest update to provide further information on the new Green Deal Home Improvement Fund (GDHIF) by the department of energy & climate change.

Update on Registration with the Gre ..read more

How does the Green Deal Improvement fund help you?

Beachwood House- Tracey Baxter- Case Study 

A notable recent success was the completion of a series of improvements to a domestic property in Market Weighton. The works wer ..read more

Promoting the Green Deal

The Green Deal is the Coalition’s pioneering programme to help the people of Great Britain stay warm for less.

The Green Deal Energy Efficiency Home Improvement Fund (GDHIF) ..read more

Energy Saving home improvements for domestic households

White Farm- Case Study

In April 2014, Think Energy completed a series of home improvements to a domestic property in York. The works involved the succe ..read more

More than £2.6 million issued for new Green Deal Home Improvement Fund in first week

£2.61 million was issued to households through the new Green Deal Home Improvement Fund during the scheme’s first week, according to inustry estimates.

1,736 applications were ..read more

RHI Costs and Earnings

Within this article, we provide you with an overview of the domestic Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) scheme, the options available to you, and the potential benefits of switching to renewable energy ..read more

Green Deal Fund Home Improvement Fund June 2014

From June 2014, the Cashback scheme will be replaced with a new incentive available to all householders, the Green Deal Home Improvement Fund (GDHIF).  Within this article, we provide you with ..read more

UK Needs More home-grown energy

In just over five years Britain will have run out of oil, coal and gas, researchers have warned.

A report by the Global Sustainability Institute said shortages would incr ..read more


At Think Energy we are always looking to strengthen our team with individuals who have the necessary enthusiasm and experience to join our exciting forward thinking business.

If you would ..read more

Find energy grants and measures to help you with heating costs

You might be eligible for help with your energy costs or to help you make your home more energy efficient.

You’ll need to know what benefits you’re on to find out about help w ..read more

Domestic Green Deal and Energy Company Obligation in Great Britain, Monthly report (May 2015)

Keeping up with the lastest legislation from the from the department of Energy & Climate change

Domestic Green Deal and Energy Company Obligation in ..read more

GDHIF Explained

The Cashback Scheme is coming to an end. Good-bye, thank you and a big “hello” to the new Green Deal Home Improvement Fund (GDHIF). Good news travels fast so we know yo ..read more

Scotland announces £15 Million Green Homes Cashback Scheme

Householders in Scotland can now apply for cashback of up to £7,300 by carrying out necessary energy efficiency measures such as boiler upgrades and building insulations.

A total of ..read more

Green Deal Home Improvement Fund

Green Deal Home Improvement FundAnnounced 1st May for Official Launch in June 

Households carrying out energy efficiency improvements on their home can now get more money back to off ..read more

£7600 to make your home more energy efficient

Households carrying out energy efficiency improvements on their home can now get more money back to offset the cost of having the work done.

Insulation being pumped in to the wall of a ho ..read more

Green Deal Scamming Protection

You may have heard the recent news from the Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB) regarding ‘scammers cashing-in on Green Deal’.

The unethical ..read more

All Dates for RHI Road Show announced by DECC

To help businesses, installers and consumers to find out about the recently launched Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive scheme, DECC will be attending a series of exhibitions.read more

The Green Deal

The Green Deal Cashback Scheme rewards Green Deal customers. Householders can claim cash back from Government on energy saving improvements like insulation, front doors, windows and ..read more

Renewable Heat Incentive RHI

The Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) is a UK Government scheme set up to encourage uptake of renewable heat technologies among householders, communities and businesses through the provision of financ ..read more

Renewable Heat Incentive Launches...

The domestic Renewable Heat Incentive has launched today, Wednesday 9th April 2014. Greg Barker MP had previously confirmed the launch of the RHI on Twitter on Tuesday evening, and the launch is in ..read more

Insulating Rooms In Your Roof

Recent changes to planning policies requiring higher density developments, as well as rising house prices, have led to dramatic growth in utilisation of the roof s ..read more