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Can Solar Power be the Answer?

Three factors are currently holding back the steady march of solar power. The first problem is to discover how we can store energy produced by the sun to be used when the sun isn't shining?
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The Future for Solar Energy

In Australia more and more properties are going 'off grid' as the cost of electricity from their grid is one of the highest in the world. More and more Australians are preferring to use the ..read more

Renewables, Solar Power and Global Warming

The solar industry has put forward its own plan to rescue the British solar industry which will cost £1 on average bills by 2019. The solar industry is facing a crisis caused by the prop ..read more

A Happy Renewable New Year

As 2015 draws to a close the year has ended on an upbeat note for exponents of renewable energy. The UN Climate Change Conference which took place in Paris fr ..read more

Renewable Wave Power Gets Boost

In a much needed boost for the renewable energy sector Wave Energy Scotland  has awarded funding to eight applicants hoping to develop new ways of accessing wave power. This initiative is back ..read more

Uncertain Future for Renewables?

Many of the UK's advocates of green energy are reacting with dismay to the government's recent policy changes regarding renewable energy.

Indeed, the UK have dropped out of the to ..read more

Green Energy to Create Jobs

Th!nk Energy are excited to hear that yet another report has come down firmly on the side of Green Energy. This report, jointly issued in Vienna on June18th 2015 by the United Nations Industrial De ..read more

Another Important Boost for Renewable Energy

In an exciting new development a consortium of scientists, politicians and economists have come together to launch The Global Apollo programme. The stated aim of The Global Apollo programme is to i ..read more

Scotland set to lead the way on Renewable Energy

A new WWF-backed report has stated that Scotland could be fossil fuel- free by 2030. The study, which was undertaken by consultancy giant DNV-GL, was commissioned to test the viability of the Scott ..read more

Amazon leads the way to Renewable Energy

As the world is finally waking up to the fact that Global Warming is accelerating at a frightening pace, world leaders are beginning to see the need for change. Ou ..read more

Fall in oil price danger

The IEA (International Energy Agency) has raised concerns that the recent fall in oil prices could result in governments failing to invest in alternative forms of ..read more

The Energy Bill- a missed opportunity?

As winter fast approaches the spectre of higher bills means that many businesses are actively looking to reduce their energy consumption. Indeed, research by British Gas has identified that gas usa ..read more