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The Future for Solar Energy

In Australia more and more properties are going 'off grid' as the cost of electricity from their grid is one of the highest in the world. More and more Australians are preferring to use their money to install solar panels. The latest solar panels are far more efficient and when they are linked to the new generation of batteries they can provide most of the power a typical household would need. The new batteries have a life span of about ten years so once the initial outlay is made there should be no more electricity costs for at least ten years. It is hoped that in ten years time battery technology will have progressed, making batteries for storing electricity even cheaper and more efficient. Admittedly, many properties have also invested in a small generator as a back up - however most have never found the need to use their generators.

Here in the UK the future of our energy supply is looking ever more doubtful. The much hailed agreement between the French company EDF, China and the U.K. to allow the French/Chinese consortium to build a new generation of nuclear power station at Hinkley Point has been delayed. Funding doubts have caused a delay to the final agreement. This is of concern as the new plant was due to provide 7% of the UK's electricity when it comes online in 2025. Even if the new plant does go ahead the agreed price for the electricity it will produce is set at double the current market price for electricity. The implication of all this is that electricity prices are set to soar in the not too distant future.  

By converting to renewables you can future proof your fuel bills at the same time as lowering your carbon footprint. Th!nk Energy are a local Yorkshire company who specialise in the supply and installation of all types of renewable technologies. Our solar PV panels are some of the most advanced solar panels available and can provide solar energy on even the most cloudy of days. We also install biomass boilers and ground or air source heat pumps so whatever type of renewable technology you need Th!nk Energy can supply your requirements. 

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