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A large increase in UK solar farms predicted

Until recently much of the renewable electricity production in the UK has come from roof -mounted solar panels. This has been as a result of the success of the government's Feed In Tariff
or FIT which has allowed householders to sell back any excess electricity produced to the National Grid. One only has to drive around any housing estate in the UK to see examples of roof-mounted solar PV panels. Indeed the renewable energy sector has targeted roof mounted solar power avoiding ground mounted installations which could lead to protests from locals opposed to the development of large scale solar farms which they may feel spoil the countryside. One area of development in the roof-mounted sector which has not been fully exploited has been the large commercial rooftops. These have a great potential for future development. 

We are now reaching the point in the UK where ground mounted solar panels are set to overtake the roof-mounted panels as the largest sector in renewable solar power production. It is predicted that in the coming years this sector will continue to increase and that many more solar power farms will spring up during the coming year as the electricity generators react to the government's ROCs ( Renewables Obligation Certificates). These green certificates are issued to operators of accredited renewable generating stations. They were intended to place an obligation on licensed electricity suppliers to source an increasing proportion of their electricity from renewables.

Until now roof-mounted solar panels have been more prevalent but this is set to change as electricity producers turn to solar farms to produce more of their energy.

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