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A Year of Living With Solar Panels

David Dean had a 3.6 KW system of Solar PV panels fitted on his house roof last year. He has since been online to share his experiences of solar power. Mr Dean's system was predicted to produce 3,489 KWh of electricity per year but after just one year he has found that his system has outperformed the predictions by producing 3,815KWh - which amounts to a massive 9.1% of over-generation.


As a consequence of this over-generation Mr Dean's FIT ( Feed in Tariff ) was higher than expected. This is the amount of money he is paid by the energy company for his electricity. He found that his energy company dealt efficiently with all the initial paperwork and now all he is expected to do is provide generation meter readings each quarter. He can submit these by email receiving a confirmation email and a letter summarising payment. The money then goes into his account approximately six weeks later.


He has found it difficult to measure exactly how much money he has saved as he switched supplier shortly before installing solar panels. However, he estimates that his bills have gone down by between 20%- 50% each month depending upon the season. Mr Dean feels that he is now on track to pay back the cost of installing his system within 6/7 years as he was expecting.

He does, however, go on to say that his online monitoring system for energy use has helped him reduce energy consumption by allowing him to assess the best time to run high-energy items such as washing machines or ovens. He also feels that solar power can be complimented by using other energy efficiency measures such as low energy light bulbs. In his blog he advises potential customers who wish to install Solar PV power units to consider installing an emersion heater at the same time to make the full use of any unused PV generated electricity- cutting down the need to run the boiler to heat water. Overall Mr Dean has been very pleased with the performance of his Solar PV panels.


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