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Amazon leads the way to Renewable Energy

As the world is finally waking up to the fact that Global Warming is accelerating at a frightening pace, world leaders are beginning to see the need for change. Our heavy reliance on fossil fuels is choking our planet to death and if we are to see fewer extreme weather events, such as the unprecedented snowfall in the USA last week, then something needs to be done. Governments, businesses and individuals all need to play their part.

Th!nk Energy welcomes the news that the retail giant Amazon has stated its intent to run all its data centres on renewable energy. This announcement comes following the awarding of an "F" grading to Amazon by the environmental organisation Greenpeace for its energy performance. It appears that Amazon now wishes to improve its green credentials by switching to renewable energy. As AWS ( Amazon Web Services) recently stated,

" AWS has a long- term commitment to achieve 100% of renewable energy usage for our global infrastructure footprint."

It is apparent that businesses and individuals can all play their part in reducing carbon emissions. Th!nk Energy are a Yorkshire firm with a depth of experience in renewable energy systems. We can supply and install all types of renewables from solar PV panels to domestic wind turbines. We can also advise you on the best type of system for your business or property. From insulation to ground source heat pumps or biomass boilers we can provide the solution for you. 

As David Pomerantz from Greenpeace has said,

" A renewably powered Amazon Web Services could be a catalyst for clean energy growth around the world, a hero in the effort to build the modern economy powered by 100% renewable energy that is so urgently needed to address climate change."

If you are a business or an individual wishing to upgrade to the newest renewable technologies don't hesitate to contact our advisors at Th!nk Energy. You could be helping to lower carbon emissions as well as potentially making substantial savings on your fuel bills.