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Another Important Boost for Renewable Energy

In an exciting new development a consortium of scientists, politicians and economists have come together to launch The Global Apollo programme. The stated aim of The Global Apollo programme is to investigate and develop cost-effective methods of using and storing renewable energy to make it cheaper than energy produced from fossil fuels.

This programme has been launched by a group of stakeholders from the top echelons of business, science and government and includes such names as Lord Stern (author of a pivotal report on the economics of climate change), Lord Browne (former BP chief executive), Sir David King (former UK government chief scientist), Lord O'Donnell (former cabinet secretary) and Lord Turner (former climate change committee chairman). All these eminent people feel that the world is heading at breakneck pace towards a global catastrophe triggered by climate change. 

Their intention is to lessen the funding gap between renewable energy and other fuels. At present £4bn per year is spent on research and development for renewables whilst £360bn is spent each year subsidising fossil fuel industries.

The group feels that great strides can be made if more money is made available for research into areas such as hydro schemes, hydrogen, batteries, thermal storage, flywheels and molten salt. It is also felt that improvements in grid software would help efficiency.

This scheme has been endorsed by David Attenborough, the well-known naturalist and broadcaster, who stated,

" At last- an authoritative, practical and comprehensible plan that could avert the catastrophe that is threatening our planet."

It is hoped that countries across the globe will sign up to this plan and agree to commit 0.02% of their economic output to fund essential research.

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Th!nk Energy are accredited by the government as a trusted Green Deal provider and as such we can help our customers access various grants and loans currently available to fund improvements to fuel efficiency. 

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