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Can Solar Power be the Answer?

Three factors are currently holding back the steady march of solar power. The first problem is to discover how we can store energy produced by the sun to be used when the sun isn't shining?
Tesla believe that they are well on the way to solving this problem and will soon be marketing affordable storage solutions aimed at private rooftop solar as well as larger solar farms.

The second problem is grid infrastructure. This means that although solar panels are becoming increasingly cheaper to produce; getting the energy they produce to the place where it is needed requires costly infrastructure projects. Many poorer African states could benefit from large scale solar power plants but often struggle to be able to afford the infrastructure needed to distribute the energy produced. In an ideal world all countries would be connected to a grid taking power from areas of the world where the sun is shining. This, sadly, is a very long way off.

The third problem facing solar is government support so that the emergent solar industry can compete against established fossil fuel technology such as coal and gas which have been proven to accelerate global warming. This problem has been exacerbated by the recent collapse in oil prices making fossil fuels cheaper.

It seems that solar power needs to be combined with other renewable technologies if it is to be part of the answer to our energy problems. One example is in Costa Rica where solar power is used alongside other renewable technologies such as hydro, wind, tidal and geothermal to the extent that the fossil fuel plants rarely have to be turned on.

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