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Cost of Energy Still Rising

Most recent statistics for 2014 are showing that UK fuel bills have risen despite UK households using 14% less energy over the same period. It has been estimated that electricity prices have risen by 2.6% on average and gas prices have risen by a massive 3.2%. This increase in gas prices has been against a backdrop of a fall in wholesale gas prices!

It is not surprising that more and more households are finding themselves being dragged into fuel poverty. As a spokesperson for Age UK recently stated,

"No older person should worry that they could die from the cold in their own home."

Many people may be unaware that help is available through the government's own 'Green Deal ' scheme. This scheme is specifically designed to help people who are struggling to pay for the cost of adequate heating in draughty, poorly-insulated homes. The Green Deal can help provide money towards a raft of energy saving measures such as better insulation, double glazing and better fitting doors.

Don't hesitate- call Th!nk Energy now to access the government help currently available. We are a local, Yorkshire-based, Green Deal installer with full government accreditation. A warmer home and lower fuel bills can be yours. Just call Th!nk Energy on 01924 267500 or email us at info@think-energy.biz and one of our team will be happy to help you.