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Drafty House solutions

Living in a draughty old property? Act now to access government help to improve your home's  energy efficiency!

The government has announced more money for the Green Deal Home Improvement Fund (GDHIF). Anyone wishing to improve the energy efficiency of their home can apply for up to £1,600 towards the cost of installing any two of the measures listed under the GDHIF scheme. Indeed, there is still £6 million worth of funding left in the pot available to help homeowners make their homes warmer and more comfortable. The government has also earmarked a further £24 million to help homeowners install solid wall insulation in their properties. This could work out at as much as £4,000 per household.This £30 million will come from the £100 million announced by the government in October 2014 and the next release of funding is due in February 2025.

The government has also announced an extra £25 million aimed at helping householders install central heating for the first time if they have been unable to access a mains gas supply. Altogether the government has put aside £450 million to help boost domestic energy efficiency levels between 2014- 2017.

The government have been delighted with the success of the Green Deal Scheme. This, coupled with the Energy Company Obligation ( ECO), has helped over one million households get new boilers, new windows and improved insulation. Much of the ECO work has helped people who were struggling to afford to heat old, damp properties where much of the heat would disappear through ill- fitting windows or doors or properties which had little or no insulation. As the Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change Ed Davey stated, 

" one million extra homes already have permanently lower energy bills- whether that's thanks to better insulation or more effective boilers. The challenge now is to continue this drive - and the next instalment of the Green Deal Home Improvement Fund is coming soon"

Here at Th!nk Energy we are a local Yorkshire firm with a proven track record of advising our customers on how to access the GDHIF as well as being able to supply the new energy efficient boilers and top class insulation including solid wall insulation. We have a wealth of expertise in solving energy problems and our expert team have been working for years helping our customers to improve the comfort and energy efficiency of their homes as well as helping to lower fuel bills. We also supply renewable energy systems such as solar PV panels, domestic wind turbines, ground source heat pumps and biomass boilers. Whatever your energy requirements Th!nk Energy can help. Just call us on 01924 267500 or alternatively email us at info@think-energy.biz. There has never been a better time to think about upgrading your heating system.