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Energy Saving Research

The world is gradually waking up to the realisation that we are relying too heavily on fossil fuels for our energy. These fuels produce carbon dioxide along with other pollutants and have been identified as a major cause of global warming.

In exciting news from Glasgow University, researchers claim to have discovered a new method of extracting hydrogen from water. Professor Lee Cronin from the university's School of Chemistry states that this new method is much speedier and more efficient than the existing PEME process currently being used. The hydrogen produced is then stored in a carbon- free liquid until it is needed for energy. This new process is claimed to be over 30 times faster than existing methods and will also be able to store energy from the sun and wind.

At Th!nk Energy we are very excited by this news. As a company we are at the forefront of the new technology designed to reduce our reliance on fossil fuels. We are committed to helping our customers make their homes and businesses more eco-friendly. Our expertise in energy- saving options from solar power to domestic wind turbines can help you to save money on conventional fuel costs whilst helping to cut pollution and carbon production. Please contact our sales team if you require any advice on the options for your home or business - we will be happy to help.