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E.ON. Announces its Commitment to Renewable Energy

E.ON, Germany's largest utility firm, has just announced its intention to spin off its power generation sector so that it can focus on renewable energy production. This comes as a result of the present turmoil in Germany's power production sector. The traditional areas of power production, reliant on fossil fuels, have experienced weak demand which has resulted in lower prices. This has been coupled with a surge in renewable energy sources. E.ON. has stated that this is as a result of,

" dramatically altered global energy markets, technical innovation and more diverse customer expectations."

E.ON. have commented that they wish to concentrate on renewable energy production by investing in wind and solar power technologies.

Here in Yorkshire Th!nk Energy have been providing renewable energy solutions for our customers for many years. Our expertise in all areas of renewable power is second to none. We have long recognised the part renewable energy can play in saving our customers money and helping to cut the production of greenhouse gases known to cause global warming. As E.ON.  has noted, renewable energy is set to take on a much greater roll in the future and the technological advances which have been made in this area have made renewables far more efficient and cheaper to install.

Whether you wish to install solar PV panels, domestic wind turbines or biomass boilers Th!nk Energy can advise you on the best option for your property. We also install air and ground source heat pumps. Our team have installed renewable technology in homes and businesses across the Yorkshire region and our advisors are always happy to help. Just contact the team for friendly expert advice and you could soon be enjoying cheaper, reliable renewable energy.