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Full Steam Ahead for Yorkshire Wind Farm

Here at Th!nk Energy in Yorkshire we are always delighted to hear news of successful developments in the sustainable energy sector so it is especially pleasing to hear that a wind farm off the Yorkshire Coast has achieved full power output.
The Westermost Rough wind farm is situated 8km off the Yorkshire coast and is the result of a successful multinational partnership between the Danish company Dong Energy, Marubeni Corporation of Japan and the UK's Green Investment Bank.

Westermost Rough boasts 35 turbines each producing 6 MW. This enables it to generate up to 210 MW of electricity - enough to power up to 150,000 homes. As Duncan Clark, Programme Director for Westermost Rough at Dong Energy commented,

" Westermost Rough achieving full power is a hugely significant moment for the project."

Westermost Rough will now undergo a rigorous final safety testing before it is handed over to the operations team in full working order. This facility is expected to have a life of at least 25 years which means that the UK grid will be able to benefit from clean, green energy for the next quarter of a century. Here at Th!nk Energy in Yorkshire we are passionate about all types of sustainable energy. Over the past years we have been helping our customers install low carbon, green energy systems enabling them to save money and lower their carbon footprint at the same time. 

Th!nk Energy are a Green Deal accredited company which means that we are able to help our customers access the various grants and other incentives provided by the government to help with the cost of converting to green energy options. At Th!nk Energy we have expertise in all types of Green Energy systems from solar power PV systems to ground and air source heat pumps. We can also install all the latest insulations such as cavity wall insulation and even solid wall insulation as we believe that conserving energy is crucial to cutting costs and carbon emissions. We also supply biomass boilers which are capable of running on sustainable sources of fuel as well as the latest fuel efficient traditional boilers.

If you are currently living in a cold, draughty house contact Th!nk Energy on +44 1924 267500 or email us at www.think-energy.biz and our friendly team will be happy to discuss all your options. Act now and benefit from a warm cosy home this winter with the added bonus of lower energy bills and the knowledge that you will be helping to save the planet by lowering your carbon emissions.