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GDHIF Explained

The Cashback Scheme is coming to an end. Good-bye, thank you and a big “hello” to the new Green Deal Home Improvement Fund (GDHIF). Good news travels fast so we know you've heard the buzz. Time for the facts:

  • From the beginning of June, the Green Deal Home Improvement Fund will replace the current Cashback Scheme. 
  • An exact date is yet to be given - we'll let you know as soon as we do.
  • The current Cashback Scheme will remain open for applications until 30 June.
  • The new incentive scheme is available to all householders in England and Wales.
  • The scheme has 2 core and 2 bonus offers.
  • Improvers will be able to choose from one or both of the core offers available.
  • They may also be eligible to claim up to £7,600 as a bundled package!

Core offer 1 |  up to £6000 for solid wall insulation

  • Under the GDHIF Scheme, householders can now claim 75% of the installation costs for solid wall insulation. 
  • This could mean an extra £2000 for some of your customers!
  • Good news. A customer can cancel their current Cashback Application if they have not started the works and apply for the GDHIF Scheme once it opens in June.
  • Even if work has started, and as long as a customer applied for the Cashback after 1 April, the GDHIF administrator will write to them once the scheme opens to find out whether they are eligible for an uplift.

Core offer 2 |  up to £1000 for any 2 eligible energy-saving improvements

  • If a customer applied for Cashback after 1 May; is having 2 or more of the eligible improvements installed; and would qualify for more money under the new scheme, they are eligible for an uplift and should contact the Cashback Administrator once GDHIF opens in June.
  • If the new scheme is not more beneficial, make sure all Cashback Applications are in before 30 June and work completed by 10 September. Cashback Vouchers must be validated before 30 September. 


Application & validation 

  • As a registered participant we have a “simple solution” that fits in seamlessly with our Green Deal Journey and can guide your customers through the application and validation process for you.

Information provided by your green deal provider.