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Green Deal Scamming Protection

You may have heard the recent news from the Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB) regarding ‘scammers cashing-in on Green Deal’.

The unethical activity is based on phone or door to door scams offering thousands of pounds worth of home improvements for free.

People have lost up to £500 after paying a fee for a Green Deal assessment for work that never goes ahead to unaccredited Assessors or Installers.

Thnk Energy (Yorkshire) LTD are working hard to prevent such exploitation and ensure we protect our customers. We are asking anyone intending to carry out a Green Deal Assessment to follow these 6 protection measures.

6 Scam Protection Measures

  • If you’re approached by a door-to-door Green Deal sales person or contacted by telephone, you should check the company has a registered Assessor/Installer/Provider number, which is listed on the Government Green Deal Orb website - http://gdorb.decc.gov.uk. 
  • You should never pay any money to a Green Deal Advisor on the doorstep.
  • Always ask the person at your door if you can have time to think. Your contact should always allow a mandatory cooling off period of 24 hours and for convenient appointment times to be arranged.
  • If you’re offered Green Deal home improvements for free, be cautious! The Green Deal requires little or no upfront cost, but your doorstep contact will not know how much if anything you may have to contribute.
  • Anyone looking to have an assessment should shop around, not hand over any money immediately. The cost of a legitimate Green Deal Assessment should be no more than £250 (or more depending upon the size of the property).

If you want any advice please call the Think Energy (Yorkshire) Ltd centre on 01924 267500.