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Green Deal Vouchers- Time Limit Extended

Any customers who applied for Green Deal vouchers during the first phase of the Green Deal Home Improvement Fund (GDHIF) will be pleased to hear that the government is extending the time limit on the use of these Green Deal vouchers.

Some of the vouchers already issued may have already expired or may be nearing their expiry date. The government has just announced an extension to the expiry dates for the first phase vouchers which means that they can now be used until 31st March 2015. This should enable more homeowners time to find an approved installer such as Th!nk Energy.

To date it is believed that up to 4,000 vouchers have expired or are nearing their expiry date. The government wants to allow these people time to access energy saving measures before their vouchers expire.

The GDHIF is a government backed scheme which allows homeowners to claim cash-back  grants against any energy saving measures which they install in their homes. The list of approved measures is available on the government's website. For example, grants of up to £6,000 have been offered towards the cost of installing solid wall insulation.The scheme began in June 2014 but was a victim of its own success as it had to close after only one month due to the massive demand which caused the allocated funds to run out. There have been subsequent releases but once again the funding available was quickly exhausted.

It has been suggested that some solid wall insulation jobs may gave been delayed due to the cold winter weather and that this may have impacted on the number of vouchers which are still to be redeemed. Whatever the reason, the government is anxious that people may still benefit from energy saving measures making their homes more fuel efficient and hopefully pulling more homeowners out of fuel poverty.

Any customers wishing to use old vouchers from phase one of the scheme do not have to reapply for a new voucher. They must simply go ahead with the installation and get their voucher redeemed before the 31st March deadline in order to access their grant.