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Green Energy to Create Jobs

Th!nk Energy are excited to hear that yet another report has come down firmly on the side of Green Energy. This report, jointly issued in Vienna on June18th 2015 by the United Nations Industrial Development Organisation (UNIDO) and the Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI), has demonstrated that if countries were willing to commit 1.5% of GDP each year towards Renewable Energy Development and Energy Efficiency Solutions the whole world would benefit.

The report goes on to state that economic growth, net- gains in employment generation and enough energy resources would inevitably be the result of such a commitment. UNIDO hopes that, by pursuing such a policy, poverty could be significantly reduced in developing countries who would benefit from greater access to sustainable energy options. The report firmly denounces the received wisdom being pedalled by the vested interests in the fossil fuel industries that Green Energy would inevitably lead to a sharp fall in global growth. 

As Yvo de Boer, Director General of GGGI has stated,

"This report moves the debate another positive step forward by showing that employment and development result from sustainable, green growth."

He goes on to stress that an expansion in Green Energy is not only of benefit to the more industrialised countries but would, in fact, benefit developing countries.

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