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How can you save money on your energy bills?

It is estimated that 74% of British people are worried about energy bills. It is possible that you could save up to £75 a year by following three simple steps.

1. Check your tariff
2. Switch your energy supplier
3. Insulate your home.

The Energy Saving Trust has joined forces with the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) and Citizens Advice to help people to save energy. The first two points on the list are essential to make sure you are not paying too much for your energy and the good news is that it is now much easier and quicker to switch providers. It seems from data that younger people are much more likely to switch providers than older customers. 

Making sure that your home has adequate insulation, to keep the heat in, is also essential. Here at Th!nk Energy we are able to provide our customers with the latest types of insulation. We are experts in loft insulation as well as cavity wall insulation and we can advise you on the best option for your property.

Having an up to date energy efficient boiler linked to a thermostat is also a good way to save money. Once again Th!nk Energy is a local Yorkshire firm with a great depth of experience in boiler technology. We can supply your home with the latest, energy efficient boilers and thermostats.

It is, however, essential that you understand your heating controls. If you have an efficient boiler linked to a thermostat you should not have to turn up the heating when it's cold outside- your thermostat will do this for you. Similarly turning up the thermostat will not help the room to warm up any faster. It is also a fallacy that leaving the heating on low all the time will help save you money. You would in fact be heating your home when no one is there to benefit and when you do come home it will be too cold. Leaving your water heating on all the time is also a waste of money and energy. Those people who have electric storage heaters should not leave them on all of the time- they should only be switched on at night in order that they can use cheaper "off- peak" electricity.

Here at Th!nk Energy we are passionate about helping our customers reduce their energy bills. We can provide advice and help no matter what your energy requirements. We deal with all forms of energy including renewable energy options as well as more traditional boilers and insulation.