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How would you cut carbon while meeting energy demand?

Anyone doubting the need for a change in our energy use need only look at the news. We are currently being bombarded with news of global problems such as flooding or drought which are being linked to climate change or global warming. Indeed, current weather records from the Met office show that the global temperature is now averaging  about 0.8 C above the levels recorded in the 1900' s.

The world is experiencing more extreme weather events from flooding and drought right through to heatwaves.The polar ice caps are melting at an ever increasing rate leading to a rise in the sea levels across the world. Who can forget the Maldivian government taking a cabinet meeting below the sea wearing scuba suits! They were making an important point, as much of their country is only 1 metre above sea level. The WWF has recently stated that the earth has lost 50% of its species in the past 40 years. It seems obvious that something needs to be done.

In 1997 countries across the world got together to try to limit carbon emissions at Kyoto. Many countries signed up to the Kyoto Protocol which became effective in 2005. The UK has been one of the countries to take its obligations seriously. Our government has pledged to cut its carbon emissions by at least 80% from the levels seen in 1990 by the year 2050. 

Our government has identified that we are rapidly reaching an energy crisis. It has launched a 'Big Energy Debate' where consumers can have their say as to what measures need to be implemented in order that we can reach our targets on carbon reduction whilst having a secure and continuous energy supply. In order to demonstrate how complex a problem this actually is, the government have launched a digital game- My2050 - which allows anyone to try to balance the various energy needs with continuing reduction on emissions. 

The game allows various options to cut demand from turning thermostats down to lowering industrial production. None of these solutions are very palatable but it is very obvious that the general public are willing to switch to lower carbon energy if they can afford to do so. This was witnessed by the enormous uptake on the Green Deal which was launched in June and had to be closed one month later due to all the funds having been used.

At Th!nk Energy in Yorkshire we are at the forefront of the new renewable technologies providing help and advice on how to access grants to install renewable energy. Our expertise covers the whole area of renewables from solar power, wind turbines, ground and air source heat pumps right through to biomass boilers. We also understand the need for homes to be adequately insulated and can provide a range of insulation solutions tailored to your specific needs. Our renewable energy systems will also help you to save money on your energy bills.

It is essential that we all play our part in reducing our energy consumption and using renewable energy is one way that we can play our part if we want our planet to survive.