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Insulation crucial to saving lives

A consortium of business leaders, charities and unions have made a plea for all parties in the lead up to the General Election to pledge more money for home insulation. This is in order to prevent the spike in winter deaths each year due to poorly insulated homes. It has been estimated that approximately £8.5 billion of taxpayers' money is needed over the next 5 years to bring the UK's homes up to an acceptable level of energy efficiency. The hope is that this money will help to provide grants for 2 million low-income families and zero-interest payments to 4 million others.

It has been calculated that these measures could save customers up to £335 a year on their energy bills and in turn create 100,000 jobs- thus boosting the UK's economy. The NHS would also benefit as fewer people would fall ill due to living in cold and draughty conditions. Children would also benefit as it has been demonstrated that living in a cold, badly insulated home can severely affect performance at school.
According to research conducted by the World Health Organisation up to 30% of winter deaths can be attributed to cold homes. The shocking fact is that the UK has some of the worst insulated homes in the E.U. and comes only 2nd to Estonia in fuel poverty rates.

The government has been trying to address these problems firstly by setting up the 'Green Deal' loan scheme which was then superseded by the 'Green Deal Home Improvement Fund' which allowed homeowners to get grants of up to £7,600 towards making their homes more energy efficient.

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