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Internal Wall Insulation

Thackerdale Cottage - Case Study

A successfully completed project at a domestic property in Easthorpe, Malton, demonstrates the significant energy savings that can result from a Think Energy installation.

The customer, Mr Danby, was having renovation and building works completed to his cottage. After contacting Think Energy via our website, our team of industry experts worked alongside the building contractors for a number of weeks, installing a series of energy-saving solutions, which included Room in Roof and Knauf ThermoShell Internal Wall Insulation (IWI). 

The works were completed in February and March, and the customer was extremely happy with the installation and the standard of service he received from Think Energy – a ‘sleek job’, which was completed to plan, and on time. 

Since the completion of the works, Mr Danby’s heating bills have noticeably dropped, and the heat retention properties of the building have greatly improved. The customer is so impressed with the results of the installation that he is now having all of the windows replaced in the following months to further improve the energy-efficiency of the property. 

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