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Latest GDHIF Funding update

The Government have announced that the Green Deal Home Improvement Fund (GDHIF) has reopened with additional funds and that applications for help will be accepted as from 10th December 2014. Anyone wishing to apply for help under this scheme needs to act quickly as once the available funds have been used the scheme will be closed. The last time the scheme was in operation the funds ran out within a matter of weeks such was the uptake amongst people wishing to improve the energy efficiency of their properties.

There is up to £4,000 available to help with the cost of solid wall insulation plus up to £1,000 on two or more approved measures from the GDHIF list. There is also up to £100 available towards the cost of your Green Deal Assessment which you will need to access Green Deal funding. There is also extra money available (up to £500) for new home buyers. 

At Th!nk  Energy here in Yorkshire we are an accredited Green Deal provider with a wealth of experience in energy saving measures. We can help our customers access and understand the Green Deal home Improvement Fund. We can also complete your Green Deal Assessment which will help you to understand which measures will help your home to become more energy efficient and ultimately save you money. We can also point you in the right direction to get top-up loans such as Green Deal Finance and Greener loans.

Under this scheme funding is provided for;

-solid wall insulation
-cavity wall insulation
-condensing mains gas boilers
- secondary glazing
-double/ triple glazing ( to replace single glazing)
- flat roof insulation
- replacement warm air units
- fan assisted storage heaters
- energy efficient replacement doors
- floor insulation
- room-in-roof insulation
- waste water heat recovery

If you feel that your property might benefit from any of the above energy efficiency measures don't hesitate to contact Th!nk Energy on 01924 267500 and one of our expert team will be glad to help you.