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Powering Our World- What Next?

Whilst the world waits with baited breath for the results of the Paris Climate Conference, scientists across the globe are already searching for viable renewable solutions to the world's energy crisis. It is hoped that as a result of the Paris Climate Conference countries will agree to lower their CO2 emissions in order to mitigate the drastic climatic effects already being blamed on global warming. If CO2 emissions from fossil fuels are to be capped then we need to have viable alternative options.

Amongst ideas being investigated are floating wind farms aimed at harnessing offshore wind power whilst having minimal visual impact.

Another idea which is currently being looked at is making fuel from algae. Although algae, when burnt, release CO2 like traditional fossil fuels- this CO2 is used up by the next crop of algae so in effect this source of fuel is carbon neutral.

Scientists are also researching next-generation solar power. It has been found that by using carbon nanotube arrays solar energy can be harvested 100 times more efficiently than at present.

Geothermal Energy is another area where progress is being made. Geothermal Energy is hailed as cost-effective, reliable and sustainable and although accessing Geothermal Energy from deep beneath the earth can release some buried greenhouse gases it is far less polluting than the same energy produced by burning fossil fuels.

Another area being investigated is the viability of producing energy on an industrial scale by burning waste. 

Nuclear fusion is another possible solution, with France at the forefront of this new type of nuclear technology. Indeed, the French are already building the world's first fusion power reactor in Cadarache, France. The hope is that this type of nuclear power will be as clean as its fission predecessors without the unwelcome radioactive by-products.

Some engineers believe that Underwater Wind Farms are a possible solution to sustainable energy production. These farms are intended to harness powerful undersea currents to produce energy.

In the USA biomass briquettes are being investigated as a possible method of producing energy on an industrial scale.

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