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Renewable Heat Gains Momentum

It is thought that up to 22,000 homeowners have already registered renewable heating systems under the government's Domestic Renewable Heating Incentive (RHI) scheme. Indeed, over 6,000 new systems have already been installed.

Of the 22,000 installations a massive 36% are air source heat pumps with biomass systems accounting for 28%, solar thermal systems 21% and ground source heat pumps 15%.
These renewable systems work in a similar way to the Feed- in- Tariff used for renewable electricity. Homeowners who install these renewable systems are rewarded with payments for seven years following the installation.

In order to prevent waste each system is assessed as to how many kilowatt hours it is expected to produce and this figure directly influences payments.

The Department Of Energy and Climate Control (DECC) is keen to keep up the momentum of the uptake in Domestic RHI and will consequently be attending many industry events over the coming few months. These events are countrywide and include;

  • The National Homebuilding and Renovating Show - NEC Birmingham
  • The Renewable Energy Marketplace - Exeter
  • RHI Roadshows in S.Wales, N.Wales and W.Wales
  • Greenbuild Expo- Manchester
  • Scottish Homebuilding and Renovating Show - Glasgow
  • All Energy Expo - Aberdeen
  • Energy Environment Expo - London
  • ECO Technology Show - Brighton
  • Southern Homebuilding and Renovating Show - Surrey 

This shows the government's commitment to developing renewable heating to help reduce the UK's carbon footprint and to help the government meet its own tough carbon reduction targets.
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