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Renewables, Solar Power and Global Warming

The solar industry has put forward its own plan to rescue the British solar industry which will cost £1 on average bills by 2019. The solar industry is facing a crisis caused by the proposed cuts to subsidies in the form of the Feed-In Tariff. In response, the industry itself has proposed its own solution to the problem and its plan has attracted support from over 30 MPs from all sides of the house.

The plan is a compromise aimed at bridging the gap between the proposed cuts to subsidies and the time when solar power can become self sustaining.

It is currently estimated that without continued government support the solar industry and its associated suppliers could lose up to 27,000 jobs. Indeed we could even be facing the potential collapse of the British solar industry. It is hoped that a compromise solution acceptable to both sides can be reached.

Solar Power is just one of the renewable options offered by Th!nk Energy to its customers. As the premier supplier of renewable energy solutions in the North of England Th!nk Energy has long been a champion of solar power. With the new PV solar units energy can be produced on even the most cloudy of days. Indeed, when solar energy is combined with another type of renewable energy such as a biomass boiler or a ground source heat pump great savings can be made on energy bills and the carbon footprint of your home or business can be minimised.

In the UK we often think that climate change in the form of global warming cannot affect us. Many people in the north of England have been shocked and devastated by the recent storms and accompanying floods. This type of extreme weather event is now predicted to happen on a more regular basis as a result of global warming.

The burning of fossil fuels produces CO2 which in turn is one of the gases blamed for global warming. Why not greet the new year by converting to renewable energy. Call Th!nk  Energy on 01924 267500 or email us at info@think-energy.biz and we can help you switch your home or business to a renewable option. You can do your bit to mitigate the worst effects of global warming.