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Scotland announces £15 Million Green Homes Cashback Scheme

Householders in Scotland can now apply for cashback of up to £7,300 by carrying out necessary energy efficiency measures such as boiler upgrades and building insulations.

A total of £15 million has been marked out for the scheme that will become operational from June this year till the end of 2015. The scheme would help ensure provision of financial assistance to Scottish households towards the costs incurred in installing various measures for optimal energy efficiency. 

Households can apply for Cashback of up to £7,300. 

Who Is Eligible for Green Homes Cashback Scheme? 

Individual homeowners, social/private landlords and even social/private tenants in Scotland are eligible for the scheme that appears to be in line with Scotland’s objectives to maximize the use of green energy while at the same time ensuring optimal use of existing energy sources. 

What Can Cashback householders apply For in Scotland? 

* 75% of the total cost incurred in installing a solid wall insulation (the amount can be no more than £6000. 

*Householders can get up to £1200 on the following 3 types of energy efficiency measures: 

1) Insulation costs (including loft and excluding solid wall insulation) - £400

2) Cost of installing condensing boilers (including the money spent on heating controls) - £500

3) Miscellaneous measures from a given list 

* Householders can get cashback of £100 against the cost incurred on getting Green Deal Assessment report ready if minimum of one recommended energy efficiency measure has been undertaken. 

Announcing the scheme, Energy Ministers Fergus Ewing informed that the scheme would help in reducing emissions as well as household fuel bills in Scotland.

He said that the Scottish Government is concerned about increasing fuel prices; the Government is therefore spending around £0.25 billion over a period of 3 years on tackling the problem of rising fuel prices while at the same time aiming for greater energy efficiency. 

The above mentioned budget includes the £79 million marked out for Home Energy Efficiency Programme (2014-15). 

Compared to its neighbours, Scotland has been moving ahead at a rapid pace. Initiatives for energy efficiency in households falling in low income brackets, for example, are given much greater importance in Scotland. It spends £36.48 for each such household on an average compared to £3.52, £31.31 and £27.55 in England, Wales and Northern Ireland respectively. 

The Scottish Government also took the opportunity to reiterate its call for “full powers of independence” to keep delays, which it says are common in case of the UK Government, at bay. It noted that the UK Government had announced its energy efficiency package 5 months back. 

Despite repeated requests for a quick follow-up, the official Government release stated: “It took them until this week to confirm the position.” 

NIA (National Insulation Association) has welcomed the Green Homes Cashback Scheme. Head of the NIA, Neil Marshall welcomed the efforts of the Scottish Government in taking initiatives such as the Green Homes Cashback Scheme that will most certainly result in long term and highly sustainable energy savings. 

Politics apart, the scheme will almost certainly sound like music to thousands of people in Scotland who’d be reimbursed for the cost incurred in implementing energy efficiency measures in their homes. 

The article is contributed by Green Energy Scotland Limited a Green Deal Assessor company in Scotland.