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Scotland set to lead the way on Renewable Energy

A new WWF-backed report has stated that Scotland could be fossil fuel- free by 2030. The study, which was undertaken by consultancy giant DNV-GL, was commissioned to test the viability of the Scottish Government's current policy of decarbonising electricity production. It was initially envisaged that this would involve employing carbon capture and storage ( CCS) technology fitted to gas power plants. However this strategy has been deemed risky as CCS technology has not yet been proven on an industrial scale.
The report does go on to say that the development of CCS technology should not be regarded as a crucial factor in decarbonising Scotland's electricity production as all Scotland's electricity needs could be met by renewable sources by 2030.

"A renewables-based, efficient, flexible electricity system is perfectly feasible by 2030"

This claim is based on the fact that Scotland has an abundance of wind and wave energy resources and a strong tradition of innovative engineering. Indeed renewables already supply Scotland with the majority of its energy. In November wind turbines alone produced more than 100% of Scotland's domestic electricity. It is also calculated that any excess electricity could be exported to the rest of the UK.
The report goes on to state that the cost of moving to renewable energy would be approximately £663m a year compared to £1.85bn using CCS technology. As Gina Hanrahan, climate and energy policy officer at WWF Scotland States,

" the report shows that not only is a renewable, fossil fuel-free electricity system perfectly feasible in Scotland by 2030, it's actually the safe bet"

It has however been acknowledged that energy saving measures such as better insulation and smart monitoring need to be introduced in order to make the plan achievable. Many of these claims have been made possible by the recent huge advances in renewable technology.

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As in Scotland, Yorkshire has an abundance of wind  which makes domestic wind turbines an attractive and viable alternative to electricity fuelled by fossil fuels. We also know that by combining renewable technologies such as solar power and wind power our clients can achieve fuel independence and could potentially sell excess power back to the National Grid.

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