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Struggling to pay your energy bills?

Th!nk Energy is a local Yorkshire company which may have the solution to your energy worries. There are 4 main options if you are thinking of making energy efficiency improvements to your home.

1. Insulation

It is no surprise that this is first on the list as it is widely acknowledged that top class insulation is essential if you want to save on energy bills. Th!nk Energy have the expertise to ensure that your home can benefit from state of the art insulation - whether it is loft insulation or cavity wall insulation. We also fit solid wall insulation and the good news is that there are government grants available to help with the cost of installation. A well- insulated home has the potential to cut your heating bills by up to £250 per year.

2. Replacement boiler

Upgrade to a new boiler and see your heating costs plummet by up to £490 per year. Here at Th!nk Energy we can supply and install a new boiler which would help you to save money by being far more fuel efficient - possibly benefitting from a heat recovery system to ensure you don't waste any energy. Boiler technology is continually advancing so don't wait to replace your old boiler.

3. Solar Panels

If you have a southerly facing roof then you might want to consider installing solar panels. At Th!nk Energy we specialise in fitting all types of energy- saving options including Solar PV  panels. Once installed you could even sell back any surplus energy to the National Grid. Although solar panels are relatively expensive to fit they require a minimum upkeep and they could end up earning you money.

4. Ground and Air Source Heat Pumps

Another option to save money is by installing a ground or an air source heat pump. These pumps work by absorbing heat from the ground or the air and recycling the heat into your home's heating and water systems. Once again Th!nk Energy has a great deal of expertise in this new energy saving technology and can advise you on the best options for your home.

All homeowners who undertake energy efficiency improvements on their homes could be eligible for rebates under the government's Green Deal scheme. Once again Th!nk Energy is your local Yorkshire firm with years of experience in renewable energy options- you can rely on us to advise you on the best options for your home.