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The Green Deal Home Improvement Fund (GDHIF) Phase 3 Fully Allocated

The third tranche of funding for the GDHIF was finally released by the government on Monday 16th March and has already been fully allocated. This fund offered grants to householders to enable them to install energy saving measures in their homes. The quick uptake of funds demonstrates how successful the scheme has been.

The latest funding was worth £70 million and householders could claim back up to £5,600 towards the cost of installing a variety of improvements to the energy efficiency of their homes. The good news is that there is still £5 million left from the second phase of funding available for allocation to energy saving projects.

Anyone wishing to install any 2 of the following energy saving measures can still  claim up to £1,250. 

The list of options to choose from include the following;

  • cavity wall insulation
  • condensing mains gas boiler
  • double/ triple glazing (to replace single)
  • secondary glazing
  • replacement warm air unit
  • flat roof insulation
  • fan-assisted storage heaters
  • floor insulation
  • energy efficient replacement doors
  • room- in-roof insulation
  • waste water heat recovery system

Choose any two of the above measures and you could receive £1,250 cash-back. 

Householders can also claim £100 towards the cost of their Green Deal Assessment (this is required to access any grants). There is also £500 for people who bought a property within the last twelve months and who get work carried out under the scheme. Last time the GDHIF released funds they were quickly taken up by the public. Don't delay - act today to secure your grant.