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Think Energy: Biomass V Conventional Boilers

Anyone thinking about updating their heating/ hot water systems  should  take time to consider installing a biomass boiler. These biomass boilers are suitable for both domestic and business properties.

There are many good reasons for installing a biomass boiler. However, one of the main reasons is definitely cost.

At present the government is trying to encourage consumers to  consider using renewable forms of heating. Through the Renewable Heat Incentive scheme ( RHI ) the government rewards users of biomass boilers with 12.2 pence for every kilowatt hour of heat produced. The biomass boiler used has to be MCS accredited but this is the only condition. This scheme, which was launched in April 2014 for domestic consumers, continues for seven years after the biomass boiler has been installed.  The RHI scheme, which originally targeted homes which were off the gas grid, is now open to all homes. The only exception to this are new- build homes. However, it is open to self- build homes. Business consumers get the same benefits but the scheme is available for up to twenty years.

Another good reason for installing a biomass boiler is continuity and security of supply. Biomass boilers use wood pellets to generate heat so the source of fuel is renewable which means that customers are not dependent upon gas supplies. Indeed, as our domestic supply of gas is depleted we are becoming more and more dependent upon gas supplies from abroad and this supply can be at the mercy of unpredictable foreign governments and upheavals such as wars.

When comparing the cost of fuel for a biomass boiler to that of a traditional boiler it becomes obvious that biomass is best! Gas prices have risen steadily over the past eight years at a rate of ten per cent each year. Wood pellets, used to fire biomass boilers, cost around 4.2p/KWh. This amount is comparable to the current cost of mains gas. Oil is slightly more expensive at 6p/ KWh. However, the huge benefit of having a biomass boiler comes for those lucky people who have their own supply of wood. All they need is an axe and somewhere to store and dry the wood and they have free fuel! This is an amazing advantage as heating bills are one of the largest outgoings for any household.