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UN Support for Energy Saving

The UN has firmly put its weight behind the need for energy saving to become a priority for all countries. It has recently stated that $350 billion per year could be saved worldwide simply by switching to more energy efficient appliances and that this would have the knock- on effect of saving 1.25 billion tonnes of carbon dioxide from going into the atmosphere. The UN has recognised that global warming is a problem for all countries and needs to be tackled on a worldwide scale.

The UN Environment Programme (UNEP) has recently launched the Efficient Appliances and Equipment Partnership which is a public/private partnership to promote the use of more energy efficient appliances. It hopes to help governments to implement national and regional strategies for promoting energy saving and that this will result in counties permanently switching to energy saving products.

This partnership extends UNEP's initiative en.lighten which aimed at phasing out inefficient incandescent lamps by 2016. This former initiative gained support from over 65 countries from across the globe. It is to be hoped that the new initiative will be even more successful.

The UN. recognises the current threat from global warming and hopes to tackle the large scale use of fossil fuels to provide energy when more energy- efficient solutions are already available.

Here in Yorkshire Th!nk Energy welcome this development in the global momentum towards energy saving. As a leading company in the field of energy efficiency we are able to offer advice on the best way to make your home more energy efficient. This will not only save you money but in the long term will help to save our planet.