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Uncertain Future for Renewables?

Many of the UK's advocates of green energy are reacting with dismay to the government's recent policy changes regarding renewable energy.

Indeed, the UK have dropped out of the top ten of a widely respected international league table on renewable energy. This is the first time that the UK has not been in the top ten since the table's inception over a decade ago. We are now ranked 11th behind countries such as Chile, Brazil, India and China to name but a few.

The changes to policy which include ending subsidies for onshore wind farms and large solar farms as well as changes to the Climate Change Levy are seen by many in the industry as a backwards step. 

The government has stated that its withdrawal of subsidies is intended to help cut fuel bills for consumers. It has also stated that it wants to rely more upon shale gas and CCS (carbon capture and storage). However, these forms of energy production are in their infancy and as yet unproven.The worry is that potential investors in renewables may take their money elsewhere - to countries which are more supportive of renewable energy initiatives.

Th!nk Energy are happy to say that renewable energy is still alive and kicking here in Yorkshire. Th!nk Energy have been at the forefront of supplying renewable energy options to our customers here in Yorkshire for many years.

At Th!nk Energy we have expertise in a wide range of renewable energy options from ground and air source heat pumps to biomass boilers and solar PV energy units as well as state of the art solid wall and cavity wall insulation. Indeed, we have all the answers to help you make your home warm and cosy without costing you a fortune. Renewable energy makes sense and you will also be helping to save our planet from the disastrous effects of global warming.

Our expert technicians can explain all the options for your property whether you are a home owner, a landlord or a tenant. As a government registered Green Deal provider Th!nk Energy can also help you access any subsidies or grants still available.
With Th!nk Energy you can relax. We are passionate about renewable energy and the good news is that there is still government help available if you wish to convert your home to renewable energy. Just call Th!nk Energy on 01924 267500 or email us at info@think-energy.biz and our friendly team will be happy to help you.