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Wind Turbine Benefits

Last Sunday a new record was set for the production of power by wind turbines. On that day 43% of Britain's homes were powered by wind with wind farms producing 7.315GW of energy beating the previous record of 7.234GW.

Wind power is now proving its worth and is being more readily accepted by the general public as a viable alternative source of renewable, clean energy. Indeed, the Energy Institute and New Power Magazine carried out a survey last month which demonstrated that 61% of the public would be content to have a wind turbine or turbines within 5 miles of their homes. This compares very favourably with the figure for fracking ( a system for removing gas trapped beneath the ground in rocks) where only 24% of the public would be happy to have fracking within 5 miles of their homes. Nuclear power was even less popular with only 18% of the people canvassed stating that they would be happy to have a nuclear power facility within 5 miles of their homes. The only renewable energy more popular than wind power is solar power.

It has been thought that having a wind farm near your property would have a detrimental effect upon the resale-able value of your home. However a recent survey carried out in Canada has found that this is not the case. Once again, it seems that the general public are waking up to the positive side of wind power generation.

Here at Th!nk Energy in Yorkshire we have long recognised the value of wind power. We have been supplying and installing domestic wind turbines for our customers for many years. We cater for both domestic and business customers and we also have a depth of expertise in all areas of renewable power including solar power, biomass boilers and ground and air source heat pumps.

Whatever your needs our company can find the renewable energy solution for you. Th!nk Energy can also advise on saving energy through effective insulation. We are accredited as part of the government's Green Deal Scheme so we can help you to access any grants currently available to help you switch to renewable energy. Call our advisors at Th!nk Energy and you could soon be benefitting from lower energy bills and you could be helping to save our planet by switching from fossil fuel power.