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World Solar Challenge 2015

Here at Th!nk Energy in Yorkshire we are passionate about renewable energy and as such we are really excited about the fact that electric cars are being hailed as one of the ways in which we can cut our worldwide carbon emissions. All over the world scientists and engineers are looking at optimising electric cars and even governments are getting involved to promote the use of electric cars above traditional cars fuelled by petrol or diesel.

 Indeed, a solar-powered racing car has been built to take part in an endurance event across the Australian outback. The Cambridge University Eco-Racing Team (CUER) built the vehicle. This team is made up of 60 students who want to prove that solar energy can be used to power a vehicle over some of the most inhospitable terrain on the planet.

The Bridgestone World Solar Challenge 2015, which runs from 18th-25th October, aims to show the potential of electric vehicles. A car, which entered the competition in 2013, crashed during testing so the group has changed the design to make it more stable.

Amy Livingstone, Head of the Electrical Team, said:

“Our main focus this time has been on improving the performance of the electronics and there has been a 15% improvement in base power consumption… The battery is of the best energy density available so that has been retained.

Only last month London hosted the two-day season finale of the first-ever all-electric car championship in Battersea Park.

Th!nk Energy are delighted that the momentum is clearly increasing for electric vehicles. Indeed, it has been proven that over a third of all greenhouse gases come from transportation. As such, the government is keen to encourage the use of Low Emissions Vehicles. Our government has currently committed £37 million to installing charging points at hospitals and rapid charging points are being rolled out at motorway services and at 500 other sites across the UK.

At Th!nk Energy we are already well aware of the advantages of using solar power as we have been at the forefront of bringing renewable energy to our customers in Yorkshire for the past few years. Indeed, renewables are a cost effective alternative to using fossil fuels. At Th!nk Energy we are proud to have responded to the ever increasing demand from our customers who wish to become more Eco-friendly by setting up our own dedicated Th!nk Energy EV team. Not only are Electric cars much cheaper to run, being exempt from road tax and congestion charges, they also mean that you can go about your business in the knowledge that you are not adding to the dangerous levels of greenhouse gases pushing our world's climate towards a potential Armageddon. 

Grants are currently available from the government towards the purchase and installation of home charging points. Here at Th!nk Energy we are already working alongside the government as a certified Green Deal installer helping to convert our homes to renewable energy and we can now help our customers convert to a Low Emissions Vehicle.  

If you are thinking of having a home charging point installed Th!nk Energy can help you access any grants available. We have expertise built up over many years and our friendly EV team can help you. Just call 01924 267500 or email us at info@think-energy.biz and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.