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Young People Struggling to Understand Energy Bills

Here at Th!nk Energy we are committed to helping our customers in the Yorkshire region save money on their energy bills. Energy bills are fast becoming one of the biggest outgoings for any household. Young or old, rich or poor we would all like to save money when it comes to paying our energy bills. 

It is very worrying therefore that a recent survey by the Energy Saving Trust suggests that only 7% of under 35's feel that they fully understand their energy bills. This compares with 18% of the over 55's. It has been suggested that the reason for this difference between age ranges is possibly because many younger people currently rent property and therefore do not feel that they have an investment in energy saving measures. The Energy Saving Trust feels that this gap in energy 'literacy' amongst young people means that many young people are missing out when it comes quick and easy energy savings which can be made. Indeed, one example quoted suggests that older people are 20% more likely than younger people to use only as much water as they need to make a cup of tea.

Here at Th!nk Energy we have been at the forefront of installing energy saving measures to help our customers save money on their bills as well as have warmer, more comfortable homes. We use a range of options from energy saving smart meters and solid wall insulation to renewable energy such as solar panels or ground source heat pumps to help achieve savings. 

The Energy Saving Trust has stated that many young people do not know that energy is measured in Kilowatt hours and even more worryingly, over a third of all under 35's were unable to name a source of renewable energy. As Philip Sellwood (Chief Executive of The Energy Saving Trust) commented,

'Understanding your bill and how energy is used is vital to reducing overall domestic consumption.'

If your bills are getting you down and you don't know where to turn contact Th!nk Energy. We have the expertise to help you save money. Our expert team can suggest measures to make your home more energy efficient and we can also explain any renewable energy options which may be appropriate for your property. Your home may be in need of better insulation or double glazing. It may be that solar panels are the answer to lowering your energy bills. Whatever your energy needs Th!nk Energy have it covered. We have many years of experience in installing energy saving measures such as smart meters and cavity wall insulation. We are a government accredited Green Deal installer which means that we have the government's stamp of approval when it comes to energy saving. We can also help you to access any government grants currently available to improve the energy efficiency of your property. Whether you are a homeowner or a tenant you can save money on your bills and indeed most grants are available to householders in rented property.

Don't hesitate, contact Th!nk Energy on 01924 267500 or email us at info@think-energy.biz and our friendly team will be happy to help.